Motion Sensor (HD6VCRH)

Motion Sensor (HD6VCRH)

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Dual PD 15M Highbay

The bottom part will be always on the lighting fixtures; if the function is needed, the module will be placed inside; if no function needed, the module will be removed. It doesn’t
hurt the looking of the whole pack

LUX On/Off

Adopted dual PD technology, it is able to differentiate artificial light brightness from natural light after installed inside the fixture,and automatically turn off light when ambient brightness exceeds preset lux level.

Preconditions to use the Lux-off function:
1. Standby period is +∞;
2. Standby dimming level is on 10% or 30%;
3. Daylight threshold is on 30Lux, 50Lux,
80Lux or 120Lux.



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