LED Corn Bulbs

LED Corn Bulbs

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Designed to replace metal halide and high-pressure sodium lamps, these LED corn bulbs are a great alternative that save energy and lower utility costs. LED corn lights also last longer than traditional HID lamps, so you save money on replacement costs and maintenance. Available in a range of Lumen outputs, these LED retrofits produce the same amount of light output of their HID light bulb equivalent. In addition to being more energy efficient, LED corn cob lamps have a higher Lumen maintenance than standard metal halide lamps meaning that while MH bulbs lose Lumens quickly, LED retrofits maintain a bright light throughout their lifespan.

These LED corn lights are available in a range of color temperatures from the very warm white light resembling the color of high-pressure sodium bulbs to the near daylight white light. To better customize your application, we carry a wide variety of beam angle options, brands, and base types. These LED corn bulbs are ideal for applications including enclosed pole top, shoeboxes, and typical HID fixtures. Don’t know which light bulb you need? Reach out to our expert in-house staff today!


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